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Special Exhibits

The Art of Sarah Ann Smith…So Far – Sarah Ann Smith
Share the inspiration Sarah Ann Smith finds in the (extra-)ordinary. Her art, the product of a lifetime of learning and observing, documents her daily life, world travel and the home she found in Maine. Sarah wasn’t a “natural born” artist. As a traveling quilt teacher and author she knows that everyone starts out as a beginner, and that with a bit of determination, you too can create beautiful art. Sarah uses fabric collage, dyeing, painting, extensive quilting, and more to create her imagery. Come enjoy the inspiration and beauty of The Art of Sarah Ann Smith…So Far.


Pictured: Insalata by Sarah Ann Smith.

From The Art of Sarah Ann Smith…So Far.

The ARTrageous Sea – ARTrageous Fiber Artists
ARTrageous Fiber Artists is a group of women from Missouri who meet monthly to explore mixed media techniques and encourage creativity. One way these goals are accomplished is through group challenges. For the current challenge, they decided on an ocean and sea theme. Each quilt is 25” wide x 30” long, and includes ocean or sea images, with 1/3rd of each quilt using fabric from Timeless Treasures Peacock Ombre.

Cloth in Common
Cloth in Common is an international fiber artist collective established in 2017. The twelve members take turns creating a bi-monthly prompt to inspire quilted responses from all over the world.  Unusual themes such as: Sound, Kitchen, Night, Disunity, Road, etc. have been explored. See a gallery of the work and read the artists’ thoughts on the website: www.clothincommon.com

Creative Conundrums with Fabric Fiddling! – Jennie Rayment
From fans to fantasies, tucks to twiddles, this exhibit is a collection of textured masterpieces from the Queen of material magic! Here are some of the latest designs from Jennie's newest books and patterns. Fiddle away - it's fabric play!

Fly Me To The Moon – Curated by Susanne Jones
Artists created art quilts celebrating Man’s First Walk on the Moon in this collection including quilts that commemorate iconic images from the news; recall personal memories of July 20, 1969; honor the Apollo Missions; recognize the Apollo Astronauts; investigate moon images; examine NASA’s tools; explain moon myths; define moon idioms; replay music inspired by the moon; visit pop culture icons; and make us fall in love again under the romantic moon. Fiber artists stretched their creative muscles to draw the viewer into the world of science, romance, history and fantasy. Curated by Susanne Jones.

09 Striations CarolChurchill 36x48 overall 1

Pictured: Striations by Carol Churchill.

From Heat/Ice Cold-Frozen.

Heat/Ice Cold-Frozen – Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
This exhibit is a study in contrast between temperatures, presented by Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists and juried by Kathleen McCabe.
HEAT: Are you getting hotter? Feel the sweat on your brow? Getting thirsty? Need some ice? It’s not a hot flash…It’s Quilts on the Wall’s HEAT Challenge. Warm color pallet bring the artists’ HOT HOT HOT inspirations to life.
COLD: Think hot chocolate in front of a fire warming your chilly nose. Frost on the window pane. The sparkle of snowflakes and shimmering ice crystals on a water fall. Snow on the mountain top and chickadees wintering in the trees. You’re getting colder, colder, colder...It's Quilts on the Wall's Ice Cold-Frozen Challenge.

The Hoffman Challenge – Shine On!
Can you believe it? With the 2018 Challenge, The Hoffman Challenge hit The Big 3-0! To celebrate, Hoffman Fabrics designed Shine On!, bursting with diamonds to symbolize this special anniversary. Challenge participants put their creative and technical skills to the test, polishing their diamond-in-the-rough ideas to make sparkling projects – all under pressure! Categories for this diamond anniversary challenge include quilts and clothing/accessories. All entries include the Challenge fabrics - Prism or Spectrum.

Almost Haykin 36 x 36

Pictured: Almost Haykin by David Sirota.

From "If You Find These Quilts Difficult

to Look at, I've Done My Job."

“If You Find These Quilts Difficult to Look at, I've Done My Job” – Quilts by David Sirota
David Sirota has long been fascinated by simple, two-color quilts. Sometimes they are illusion quilts and sometimes not. But to him, they strip the art of quilt making down to its basic foundation, leaving just the colors and the pattern to make the statement. Have you ever seen “Project Runway”? That's why David decided that using the same two colors would add cohesion.  

INSPIRED –  Allyson Allen
INSPIRED by Mid-Century Modern master artists like Norman Lewis, Elijah Pierce, and Alma Thomas... sculptors, painters, and photographers whose work beautifully translates into quilted textile art. This exhibit is Allyson Allen's INSPIRED fabric interpretations.

Interpreting Whistler’s Art in Quilts with Mary Walter
In 2010, The Whistler House Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts asked quilt artist Mary Walter to recreate one of James McNeill Whistler’s artworks as a quilt. Mary chose the iconic Whistler’s Mother to interpret. After making her quilt, she taught a small class of students to create their own version using her pattern. The quilts were then exhibited in the museum’s Members Gallery in conjunction with their annual juried art quilt exhibit and as part of a citywide celebration highlighting Lowell’s rich textile history.

Quilters Treasure Challenge 2019
The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s 15th Annual Challenge were announced at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. The theme was “The Fabric is Black & Gray. What Makes it a Great Day!” and entrants were asked to use the challenge fabric “Black & Gray” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge include Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products, Annabella Quilting Studio & The Colonial Needle Company. Quilters Treasure’s 16th Challenge deadline is December 31, 2019. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.

Mother Clucker Timna Tarr

Pictured: Mother Clucker by Timna Tarr.

From Quilts of Northampton Modern Quilt Guild.

Quilts of Northampton Modern Quilt Guild
Though we share a love of modern quilting, this exhibit represents the inspiration of an array of quilting styles that we enjoy at our meetings when our members share their recently completed or ongoing projects. We learn from one another as well, and are fortunate to have several nationally-known quilters among us who are generous with their time and expertise. The Northampton Modern Quilt Guild’s meetings are currently held in Florence, a village in the northwestern portion of the city of Northampton, MA, and members come largely from the Pioneer Valley, but also from the Berkshires and other surrounding areas.

Quilts of Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild
The Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild was founded by eight dedicated quilters on a snowy night in Mendon, Massachusetts in January 1992. Today the guild has a membership of 80 women. Their goals are to promote interest in all aspects of quilt making, to encourage members to develop skills and display their work, to educate the community in the art of quilt making and to share their gifts with people in need. Over the years they have given quilts to many people in need of warmth and love; including local families, children, Hurricane Katrina victims, holiday placemats to Meals on Wheels and hats, pillows and blankets to hospitals. The words and letters of thanks they receive have filled their hearts and keep their hands quilting.

Stretching Art and Tradition 20: Turning Twenty
It’s a big milestone for Stretching Art and Tradition - they are turning 20! For the SAT20 challenge, artists were asked to explore the number twenty in any way they could think of. Twenty dollars buys a meal, twenty stitches to the inch (is there such a thing?), 2’s company...3’s a crowd...20 is a party, or twenty pieces of fabric. The Stretching Art and Tradition Challenge is an online, non-juried yearly challenge. The organization's mission is to foster the growth of traditional and art quilters alike. Through the challenge theme, quilters of various styles, backgrounds and experience levels are given the opportunity to stretch their wings to produce and exhibit work that interprets the challenge theme in a loosely recognizable fashion.

Stripping in the Natl Parks

Pictured: Stripping in the National Parks by ARTrageous Quilter.

Stripping in the National Parks – ARTrageous Quilters
ARTrageous’ challenge was to create a strip-pieced partially stripped landscape celebrating the National Parks. They discussed artists’ approaches to landscape quilting and stripped pieced landscapes, then investigated more on their own. Artrageous Quilters is based in eastern North Carolina, drawing quilters from over one hundred miles, and meets at Cotton Fields Quilt Shop in Washington, North Carolina on the first Saturday of most months. Curated by Katherine McNeese.

The Yellow Line – Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
Quilts on the Wall members were asked to create a piece of artwork, 12” wide by 48” long, that contained a 1½” strip of yellow fabric entering and exiting the piece. What happens in the middle was up to the artist. The Yellow Line unifies the exhibit; each piece is hung to visually travel from one piece to another, while retaining each artist’s individual style and personal interpretation. Founded in 1998, Quilts on the Wall is an association of textile artists who seek to take traditional quilting into the realm of one-of-a-kind artwork which would be hung on the wall, as opposed to the traditional utilitarian bed quilt.