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Special Exhibits

QuiltFest Greenville, SC & Mancuso Show Management
are Proud to Present:

The 2022-2023 100 Year Hoffman Challenge Collection
HoffmanNaturally, we want to celebrate with YOU because it is your creativity and loyalty to our brand that allows us to continue to lead the way in textiles. There's no better way to celebrate than joining in on Hoffman Fabrics' 100 Year Anniversary Challenge. Our "100 Year Hoffman Challenge" batik collection make up the 2022-2023 Hoffman Challenge Collection. We are putting you to the ultimate test this year! For the first time ever, Hoffman Challenge participants are required to use a minimum of 5 out of 15 batik fabrics from the collection in their artwork entry. A minimum of five of these challenge fabrics must be used in the body of the quilt top or garment in recognizable, but not necessarily equal amounts. While we love when you use Hoffman's fabrics, we invite you to use fabric from any manufacturer in addition to the required challenge fabrics. Ready to celebrate with us? Here's what you need to know.



Architecture: Edges
20 Perspectives
Curated by Phyllis Cullen
No Room to Breathe20 Perspectives is a group of quilt artists that  span the globe. We create quarterly challenges to share. "Edges"  comprises architecturally inspired quilts ranging from the everyday to the surreal, informed by our different locations, travels, experiences and dreams.   From visions of futuristic and fairytale to our renditions of the great buildings of the world,  from the noise ofthe city to a house on the prairie to an imaginary castle,  from the abstract to the  realistic and mostly in between, we strive to convey what the concept of Edges means to each of us. See more about us  and all of our other collections at exhibits around the world and at www.20perspectives,com. Pictured: No Room to Breath by Phyllis Cullen




Paradigm Quilt Artists
Botany Joyful Blooms Linda LarsenParadigm is a group of artists from southeast Michigan.  Members meet to share ideas, critique work, and organize projects.  To spur creativity, we challenge ourselves to make pieces centered on a specific theme.   Our most recent theme is “Botany”.   We are dependent on plants for our survival.   They provide what we need for our health and well-being.  As artists, we study their color, form, and structure. We respond to their beauty and the restorative power of nature.    The diversity of plant life is reflected in our art as we present a glimpse into the vast world of botany. Pictured: Joyful Blooms by Linda Larsen



Bright and Beautiful
Main Line Quilt Guild
That feeling when the sun is shining and you see beauty all around. This exhibit conveys that sense of joy with luminous, vivid fabrics used in a variety of quilt styles and designs. Our Guild encourages beginners, expert quilters and everyone in between to create in their own unique ways. Main Line Quilters invites you to enjoy our quilts interpreting what Bright and Beautiful means to each of us!


Quilts on the Wall
Celebrate is a collection of art quilts proving that we all have something to celebrate, be it big or small, significant to others or only to us.  To celebrate is a cheerful way to mark a moment in time that is or was special to both artist and viewer. These quilts celebrate a special day, event, person, holiday, triumph, performance, accomplishment or adventure.  Post-pandemic, we are finally able to get together to celebrate.  Being there (wherever that might be) in person allows us to experience joy and celebration together.


Creative ways to decorate your table…
Greater Columbia Quilters
CreativeWaysDecorating tables is a long time tradition especially around the holidays. We present tabletop quilts of all types and sizes to spruce up any table throughout the year. Greater Columbia Quilters meets monthly at Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church with business and show & tell followed by a program. Membership is open to anyone interested in quilts or quilting. We offer programs, classes, a newsletter, bees that meet in members homes and charity sew day.







Fabulous Faces
by Jean Impey & Freddy Moran
FabulousFacesWhat happens when two Inspiring and Energetic Artists, combine their love of quilting, friendship, and talents? Creativity explodes into a one-of-a-kind Collection…"Fabulous Faces"

Renowned quilters Freddy Moran and Jean Impey joined their creative spirits when they agreed to teach a Collage Retreat in Santa Barbara, CA.   Each artist has their own unique style of portraits, and each portrait has a unique story and name. 

We hope you enjoy the “Fabulous Faces " exhibition.

Inquiries for purchase can be made at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreddyAndJean


Household & Poetry in Cloth
Talk Ten Travels
Household Brillo on the Brain Marty Ornish
Talk Ten is a group of artists who began meeting during Covid, as part of Visions Textile Museum of Art's outreach programming. The first ten people who expressed interest in meeting became the original members. We are now an independent group and meet monthly online to discuss textile art, techniques, inspiration, and create small and large challenge projects. Household was based on inspiration from a 1940's magazine titled Household, and Poetry in Cloth was inspired from an individually selected poem. Pictured: Brillo on the Brain by Marty Ornish





Inspired by Endangered Species
Curated by Donna DeSoto

Endangered Species ImageDonna's work on the National Parks project led to a keen interest in studying the state of endangered plants and wildlife throughout the world. Once she came across this quote, she knew she wanted to pursue this project for her next direction:

“The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. Our challenge for the future is that we realize we are very much a part of the earth’s ecosystem, and we must learn to respect and live according to the basic biological laws of nature.”     Jim Fowler, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom




Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail
The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail is honored to be invited to the Mancuso Show for a second year. We will present a special exhibit booth, featuring quilts and their reproductions in painted form. These quilt panels can be installed indoors or outdoors as artistic interpretations of the art of quilting.

We will present some of our painted panels alongside the quilts that inspired them, as a backdrop to informational handouts on the trail as well as other SC trails, a live demonstration of our process, sales of smaller quilt blocks created by our volunteers and a raffle for a 2’x2’ panel.


Landrum Quilters
The Landrum Quilters are a very talented group of women. We are each talented in different areas of art and quilting.  Our group has a sense of pride in our charitable deeds in our community. Members spend countless hours and weave love in our quilts for local charities.  Quilters are generous people. Quilters do things, make things that impact the world. We hope you will see the talent and love for our communities in our special exhibit.


The Lost Paintings
Quilts by Marilyn Belford
The Lost Paintings Midnight CampfireBefore I became a textile artist, I was a painter based in Brooklyn, New York.  A collection of my paintings were displayed in SoHo galleries such as Pleiades.  When I moved out of the city, I took the paintings with me. They were stored in a barn that unfortunately collapsed, destroying the entire collection. I was inspired to create these quilts based on those "lost paintings."

Marilyn Belford is an award-winning quilter, well known for her realistic fabric portraits and art quilts. Pictured: Midnight Campfire





Music Lyrics/Musical Moods
Quilts on the Wall
MusicLyricsLettheGoodTimesRollJeanette Floyd
The inspiration for this challenge is the fact that for every situation, music can be like a time machine.  One song - the lyrics, the melody, the mood - can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can. It can make you smile, or bring you to tears.  It could be a song sung to you by your Mom when you were young, or a special song shared with a loved one, a song that reminds you of a special event, or a type of music that makes you want to dance in the moment. Pictured: Let the Good Times Roll by Jeanette Floyd





Quilting for the Next Generation
Angelique McDowell of Hoof & Claw Haven
In Camden, SC teaching children to sew and quilt has become a passion at Vintage Reflections Quilt Shop. Between home school students coming in to sew, teaching high schoolers to hand quilt, and the owner’s own children preparing for the State Fair each year, they stay busy sewing with kids anywhere from 4 years old to 18! Ivan Huffstetler, the shop owner’s middle son, has been longarming since he was 2 years old and at 9 years old he has won state awards, been in Quilt Folk Magazine, and hired to do trunk shows at guilds in the state. We’re teaching the next generation one stitch at a time.


TAVA (Textile Artists of VA)
TAVA RE Reimagine by Carol MontiTwo letters provide almost endless possibilities to build words ranging from “read” to “rehabilitation”. The Textile Artists of Virginia are well known for their way with words, be they as short as the 3-letter word “red” or as long as 15 letters building “repetitiousness”.

TAVA members reflected, reacted, and responded to reach real results and realize this renewable, relaxing, realm of remarkable fiber art. Pictured: Reimagine by Carol Monti





Stretching Art and Tradition 24
It's often unnoticed, but without it we would stumble and fall.  All of life has a rhythm - our gate, our sleep, our bodies.  Music, speech, and art have the concepts of rhythm as well.  Put your thinking caps on and pick out a concept or depiction of rhythm you want to explore in your SAT24 piece.  Be it circadian rhythms, rock and roll, meditational rhythms or your favorite lyrical poem; pick and identify the rhythm you will chose as the focus of your piece.  As always our extra challenge is to stretch yourself using a new to you technique.


Some Assembly Required
Allyson Allen
Some Assembly Required75% HEArt - 75% Helping Earth Art is a larger than life, over the top 16' x 16' quilted textile, completely embellished with discarded and found objects. This top half of the piece is titled SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. The hand and machine stitched foundation is constructed from recycled draperies, bedding, clothing and plastic fabric. The surface of the piece is embellished with all manner of found objects, including 6-pack plastic rings, can pull tabs, scraps of leather, yarn, lace, produce netting, buttons, beads, and broken jewelry. It is a large scale visual and tactile example of up cycled and repurposed, eco-friendly sustainable art.- Allyson Allen



To Quilt is Human, To Finish Divine
Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild
ToQisHumanAs fellow quilters we are always challenging each other to complete unfinished projects (UFO-Unfinished Objects). This exhibit exemplifies that no matter who or when it was started, if you never give up, some day it will be finished. As an example, one of our retired members started this quilt in 2011. Another member inherited one block, the corner 9-patches, and a few scraps, and spent the next two years searching for fabric to blend with the original selections to complete the quilt.





Welcome Home
Busy Bee Quilt Guild
Throughout 2023, the Busy Bees Quilt Guild held a block of the month sew along titled “Welcome Home”.  It consisted of 12” house blocks which incorporated a different 6” block each month into the design. The program, designed and led by guild member Laurie Wozniak, allowed participants the freedom to choose their own fabrics and colors, and ultimately challenged them to design a layout so that their finished quilt would reflect their sense of home. Small monthly prizes and three final grand prizes were awarded by a drawing giving all participants an equal opportunity to win.