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Special Exhibits

The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza & Mancuso Show Management Are Proud to Present:

World Quilt Competition XXIII: On Tour
See the exciting international entries of the 2019 World Quilt Competition along with ribbon winning entries from the United States. With quilts from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and North America, this outstanding collection of quilts highlight the skills of quilters from around the world. Sponsored by Major Annual Sponsors Brother, Innova; Major Sponsors BERNINA, Pfaff and Baby Lock: and Silver Sponsors Gammill and Handi Quilter and Mancuso Show Management.
The ARTrageous Sea - ARTrageous Fiber Artists
ARTrageous Fiber Artists is a group of women from Missouri who meet monthly to explore mixed media techniques and to encourage creativity. One way these goals are accomplished is through group challenges. For the current challenge, they decided on an ocean and sea theme. Each quilt is 25” wide x 30” long, and includes ocean or sea images,  with 1/3 of each quilt using fabric from Timeless Treasures Peacock Ombre.

Blue Guitar - Barbara Dahlberg
Barbara Dahlberg's collection of twelve small art quilts inspired by famous artists are her original designs using mixed media techniques on fabric. Techniques include appliqué, collage, drawing, painting, thread painting, printing, stamping, and stenciling. Materials include various types of fabric, thread, paper, fiber, sand, cord, paper towel, ink, beads, and buttons. Each one measures 12” x 12”. After studying the work of each of the chosen artists, Barbara drew her inspiration from elements such as line, color, shape, atmosphere, and theme. A blue guitar, or its unseen presence, flows through the pieces to provide unity.

Double Wedding Ring Quilts - Edward Bostick
When I received the magazine Quilt a couple years ago, I found an intriguing pattern called “Tying the Knot”, a paper pieced version of a “Double Wedding Ring” quilt. What made it different (and something I liked), was that you did not have to adhere to the outline of selected numbers, spaces or the sizes indicated on the pattern. It gave me the freedom to scrap, color and shape how I wanted to.  With a huge collection of assorted scraps, I made and completed my first “Double Wedding Ring”.  When it was finished, I saw how radiant the colors blended and popped to enhance its underlying beauty.  As my skills in quilting improved and my understanding of mixing colors has grown, I have continued to come back to this pattern and its wonderful possibilities.  Displayed are five of these quilts; please enjoy!

Dreaming Up A Stream - Pieced Together Quilters                                                  The 2018 Pieced Together Quilters challenge was to create one large stream running through all their works of art by using a common fabric, so when hung side by side, the common fabric would connect. Each artist's interpretation made the challenge cohesively fun! Curated by Pieced Together Quilters.

Exploring Vintage Linens - Nancy Breland
Nancy Breland shows how to use vintage linens to make beautiful wall quilts. The 21 quilts in this special display show her work over the past 10 years. Her work features tablecloths, doilies and lacy trims. Many pieces are embellished with beads and pearl buttons. Perhaps this display will inspire you to take out your vintage linens and make them into something more. 

10 Heat+SandGlass VickiBohnhoff 36x48 overall 1

Pictured: Heat+Sand=Glass by Vicki Bohnhoff.

From Heat/Ice Cold-Frozen.

Heat/Ice Cold-Frozen - Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
This exhibit is a study in contrast between temperatures presented by Quilts on the Wall and juried by Kathleen McCabe.
HEAT: Are you getting hotter? Feel the sweat on your brow? Getting thirsty? Need some ice? It’s not a hot flash…It’s Quilts on the Wall’s HEAT Challenge. Warm color pallet bring the artists’ HOT HOT HOT inspirations to life.
COLD: Think hot chocolate in front of a fire warming your chilly nose. Frost on the window pane. The sparkle of snowflakes and shimmering ice crystals on a waterfall. Snow on the mountain top and chickadees wintering in the trees. You’re getting colder, colder, colder...It's Quilts on Wall's ICE COLD-FROZEN Challenge.
INSPIRED - Allyson Allen
INSPIRED by Mid-Century Modern master artists like Norman Lewis, Elijah Pierce, and Alma Thomas...sculptors, painters, and photographers whose work beautifully translates into quilted textile art. This exhibit is Allyson Allen’s INSPIRED fabric interpretations.

Interpreting Whistler’s Art in Quilts with Mary Walter
In 2010, The Whistler House Museum in Lowell, Maschussetts asked quilt artist Mary Walter to recreate one of James McNeill Whistler’s artworks as a quilt. Mary chose the iconic Whistler’s Mother to interpret. After making her quilt, she taught a small class of students to create their version using her pattern. The quilts were then exhibited in the museum’s Members Gallery in conjunction with their annual juried art quilt exhibit, and as part of a citywide celebration highlighting Lowell’s rich textile history.


Pictured: Interpreting Whistler's Art Quilts

                with Mary Walter.

My Journey into Quilting - Quilts by Joyce Hughes
I am honored to share my journey of quilting and development of my technique, “Dimensional Thread Painting”. The quilts show the growth of my quilting and how I expanded as a fiber artist over the years. Being self-taught, there are a lot of learning curves of what works and what does not. Notice the change in the thread work from my earlier quilts to the present. Playing with free motion quilting, layering of threads, adding embellishments and learning a variety of techniques such as bobbin work and trapunto, helps to create the dimension and added texture to “Dimensional Thread Painting”.

Paint Chip Challenge - Pieced Together Quilters                                                     The 2017 Pieced Together Quilters challenge was to design a quilt in response to a paint chip that was randomly drawn by each quilter. The quilt had to be made using the colors in the chip, and one other color - either white, cream, or black. The variety of quilts achieved was impressive!  Curated by Pieced Together Quilters.

POP Art Challenge - Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild
POP Art! Think Andy Warhol, Mid-Century comics or bright and cheerful graphics. The Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild presented a challenge to its members: create a mini quilt based off the inspiration of POP Art. This collection of work is the result of that challenge, representing the different personalities of many of our members!

Quilts of the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild
The Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild (CJMQG) was established in 2012 by quilt makers eager to participate in a movement across the quilt world. This movement embraces a modern aesthetic that often includes bold colors, increased use of solid colored fabrics, improvisation, and asymmetry. Our members meet monthly in Pennington, New Jersey and visitors and new members are always welcome. Please visit our website: www.centraljerseymqg.blogspot.com.

Quilts of The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild
The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild (Philly MQG) is a chapter of a national organization, The Modern Quilt Guild. Members  meet to share their love of modern quilting and host activities focused on modern quilting aesthetics and techniques. According to The Modern Quilt Guild, “Modern quilts are primarily functional and inspired by modern design. Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways. ‘Modern traditionalism’ or the updating of classic quilt designs is often seen in modern quilting.” Contact phillymodernquiltguild@gmail.com or visit www.phillymodernquiltguild.com for more information.

Quilts of the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild
The Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild serves members of the Greater Pittsburgh area. Our membership consists of a diverse group of over fifty women from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our meetings focus on sharing knowledge of modern quilting techniques, inspirational points, and skill building exercises. We also complete several collaborative projects throughout the year in support of local charities. This exhibit is a representative collection of quilts crafted by our members.

Quilters of the Round Table (QRT)
As an outgrowth of the First African American Quilters Conference held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Quilters of the Round Table (QRT) adopted the North Star  block and the motto, “Each One, Teach One” as symbols of its commitment to promoting African Americans contributions to the quilting art form.  This collection represents a wide range of quilts made by the group over the years.  The quilts contain various techniques, styles, motifs and personal inspirations, illustrating the range of talents and interests of the group.

Quilters Treasure 2019 Challenge
The Quilters Treasure’s 15th Annual Challenge theme was “The Fabric is Black & Gray. What Makes it a Great Day!” and entrants were asked to use the challenge fabric “Black & Gray” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge included Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products, Annabella Quilting Studio & The Colonial Needle Company. Quilters Treasure’s 16th Challenge deadline is December 31, 2019. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.

Row Robinistas - Mt Airy Quilters
Eight quilters from Mt. Airy Quilters were inspired to do a row challenge.  Each quilter decided upon a theme, pattern or a common color or colors.  Quilters were encouraged to follow the suggestions of the quilt owner in a creative way and met monthly to pass completed rows to quilters.  At the end of the eight months, the group had a “Rowveal.”  This led to some unexpected, beautiful and revealing rows.  Eight rows were presented to each quilter and the rows met or even exceeded it owner’s expectations.  At that point, the quilter was free to combine or rearrange the rows as she wished to create a final product or products she loved. It was a fantastic experience!

Stripping in the Natl Parks

Pictured: Stripping in the National Parks by ARTrageous Quilter.

Stretching Art and Tradition 20: Turning Twenty
It’s a big milestone for Stretching Art and Tradition - they are turning 20!  For the SAT20 challenge, artists were asked to explore the number twenty in any way they could think of.  Twenty dollars buys a meal, twenty stitches to the inch (is there such a thing?), 2’s company...3’s a crowd...20 is a party, or twenty pieces of fabric. The Stretching Art and Tradition Challenge is an online, non-juried yearly challenge. The organization's mission is to foster the growth of traditional and art quilters alike. Through the challenge theme, quilters of various styles, backgrounds and experience levels are given the opportunity to stretch their wings to produce and exhibit work that interprets the challenge theme in a loosely recognizable fashion.   

Stripping in the National Parks - ARTrageous Quilters
ARTrageous’s challenge was to create a strip-pieced partially stripped landscape celebrating the National Parks. They discussed artists’ approaches to landscape quilting and stripped pieced landscapes, then investigated more on their own. Artrageous Quilters is based in eastern North Carolina, drawing quilters from over one hundred miles, and meets at Cotton Fields Quilt Shop in Washington, North Carolina on the first Saturday of most months. Curated by Katherine McNeese.

What is Black and White and ????????? All Over? - Courthouse Quilters
Members of Courthouse Quilters were challenged to create a quilt using the following guidelines: A black, white, with or without shades of grey quilt or a black, white, with or without shades of grey and ONE solid tone of a color quilt. The blacks, whites and greys could be prints as long as they did not contain any other colors including metallics. Courthouse Quilters Guild is a non-profit organization, founded in 1988 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Currently the guild has about 80 members and meets in a lovely little river town called Frenchtown. Their mission includes preserving and promoting the tradition and history of quilting as well as fostering fellowship among interested persons in all aspects of quilting. They also sponsor and support educational quilting activities to encourage quilt-making and the appreciation of quilts. To find out more about Courthouse Quilters, please go to www.courthousequilters.org.

Winchester, Virginia – Winchester Modern Quilters
Eight quilters from professionals to confident beginners provided a ‘chunk’ of this unique quilt! The Winchester, Virginia quilt depicts downtown Winchester, founded in 1744 at the site of a Shawnee Indian camp ground. The City of Winchester is the oldest city in Virginia west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is located at the northern entrance of the Shenandoah Valley. The City has a population of approximately 26,000 residents.

yellow line exhibit

Pictured: The Yellow Line by

Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists.

The Yellow Line - Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
“Yellow Line”, was a challenge issued to Quilts on the Wall members.  Artists were asked to create a piece of artwork, 12” wide by 48” long, that contained a 1½” strip of yellow fabric entering and exiting the piece. What happens in the middle was up to the artist. The Yellow Line unifies the exhibit; each piece is hung to visually travel from one piece to another,  while retaining each artist’s individual style and personal interpretation. Founded in 1998, Quilts on the Wall is an association of textile artists who seek to take traditional quilting into the realm of one-of-a-kind artwork which would be hung on the wall, as opposed to the traditional utilitarian bed quilt.

Instructor's Row                                                                                                             This exhibit will give a sampling of the work of some of this year's instructors at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. It is a great way to enjoy the broad range of talent and creativity among the Extravaganza's faculty.