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Special Exhibits

The Pacific International Quilt Festival & Mancuso Show Management Are Proud to Present:

With Support from our Special Exhibit Sponsors : Cherrywood Fabrics & Hobbs Bonded Fibers

World Quilt Competition XXIII: On Tour
See the exciting international entries of the 2019 World Quilt Competition along with ribbon winning entries from the United States. With quilts from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America, this outstanding collection of quilts highlight the skills of quilters from around the world. Supported by Major Sponsor BERNINA, Brother, Baby Lock, Innova, PFAFF and Sponsors Gammill, Handi Quilter, and Mancuso Show Management.

The ARTrageous Sea – ARTrageous Fiber Artists
ARTrageous Fiber Artists is a group of women from Missouri who meet monthly to explore mixed media techniques and encourage creativity. One way these goals are accomplished is through group challenges. For the current challenge, the group decided on an ocean and sea theme. Each quilt is 25” wide x 30” long, and includes ocean or sea images, with 1/3 of each quilt using fabric from Timeless Treasures Peacock Ombre.

Cloth in Common
Cloth in Common is an international fiber artist collective established in 2017. The twelve members take turns creating a bimonthly prompt to inspire quilted responses from all over the world. Unusual themes such as:  Sound, Kitchen, Night, Disunity, Road, etc. have been explored. See a gallery of the work and read the artists’ thoughts on the website www.clothincommon.com.

13 SunshinyDay BethShibley 36x48 overall 1

Pictured: Sunshiny Day by Beth Shibley. From Heat/Ice Cold-Frozen.

Heat/Ice Cold-Frozen – Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
This exhibit is a study in contrast between temperatures presented by Quilts on the Wall and juried by Kathleen McCabe.
HEAT: Are you getting hotter? Feel the sweat on your brow? Getting thirsty? Need some ice? It’s not a hot flash…It’s Quilts on the Wall’s HEAT Challenge. Warm color pallets bring the artists’ HOT HOT HOT inspirations to life.
COLD: Think hot chocolate in front of a fire warming your chilly nose. Frost on the window pane. The sparkle of snowflakes and shimmering ice crystals on a waterfall. Snow on the mountain top and chickadees wintering in the trees. You’re getting colder, colder, colder...It’s Quilts on the Wall’s ICE COLD-FROZEN Challenge.

“If Not Now, When?” AQuA
AQuA, the Art Quilt Association, presents “If Not Now, When?” As individuals, we can express our own personal goals, bucket lists, or memories of when we took a personal leap forward.  As artists, we can take this as a challenge to create a work that stretches our skills, explores a new technique, or results in that piece that has been calling us to bring it to life.

INSPIRED – Allyson Allen
INSPIRED by Mid-Century Modern master artists like Norman Lewis, Elijah Pierce, and Alma Thomas...all sculptors, painters, and photographers whose work beautifully translates into quilted textile art. This exhibit is Allyson Allen’s INSPIRED fabric interpretations.

Inspired by… – San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
Artists gain inspiration from everywhere; whether it is a pattern, hue or shade, it takes just a spark for creativity. Molas enthralls us with their bold designs and meticulous attention to detail. Techniques and fabrics, such as resist dyeing and kimono textiles, influence quilt artists in new and unique ways.

Letting The Fabric Speak – Rachel Clark, Corlis Taylor and Gayle Hazen
Whether you are making a coat, an accessory or a quilt, you have to start with one main ingredient. Fabric is the common denominator for everything that is sewn. We are inspired by the colors, patterns and textures of the cloth we gather around us and will create a body of work showcasing some of our favorites.

New Quilts of Northern California – Curated by Sharon Malachowski & Jeanne Brophy
This juried exhibit is an annual favorite at PIQF. View the work of Northern California’s most well-known and upcoming quilt makers. This amazing collection of recent works is presented by the Northern California Quilt Council and curated by Sharon Malachowski and Jeanne Brophy.

Our Roots – County Crossroad Quilters
Create a quilt that depicts your ‘roots’, such as your childhood years, your cultural heritage, where you lived, the setting or lifestyle of your family life, etc. Any quilt techniques were accepted.

OURstory Quilts: Human Rights Stories in Fabric
In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which had been drafted by a committee chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt. It delineated the rights to which all humans in all countries should be entitled. Forty-seven artists from six countries created this collection of 63 art quilts based on those rights. This poignant collection includes quilts celebrating the heroes who fought for rights long denied to various groups of people, as well as the events that drew the attention of news media and the public. Personal stories round out the collection. Viewers will be moved and encouraged.

Cherry Logo.2108

Prince Cherrywood Challenge.

Special Exhibit Sponsor Cherrywood Fabrics.

Prince Cherrywood Challenge
Participants were asked to use Prince’s music as inspiration to push themselves creatively, think outside the box, and create new fiber art. The contest was open to anyone and we received entries from several countries. All the quilts are the same color, fabric, size and theme.

Quilters Treasure 2019 Challenge
The Quilters Treasure’s 15th Annual Challenge theme was “The Fabric is Black & Gray. What Makes it a Great Day!” and entrants were asked to use the challenge fabric “Black & Gray” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge include Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products, Annabella Quilting Studio & The Colonial Needle Company. Quilters Treasure’s 16th Annual Challenge deadline is December 31, 2019. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.

SAQA Global Trunk Show
The SAQA Global Trunk Show is cutting-edge artwork. Innovative, evocative, punchy, beautiful, art quilts today always contain these fundamental elements – threads and the appearance of layers. Art quilts are a special amalgam of other materials, new techniques, found items and magical ideas.

Say Something – Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists
Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists are pleased to present their latest exhibit entitled “Say Something”. This exhibit is designed to present a variety of fiber art and show a diversity of approaches to this exciting and evolving art form. The definition of Fiber Art is ever changing. In general, it refers to fine art that incorporates materials such as natural or synthetic fiber (such as fabric, yarns, or paper) and/or stitching. This limited description does not do justice to the media however, we invite you to let the artwork speak for itself.

Silk & Salvage: New Quilts from Rescued Materials – Sue Fox and Julia McLeod
A collection of silk neck ties…A sari or a vintage kimono…A piece of embroidered wool or a heavily embellished tribal garment…These are textiles that we all love and treasure, and yet wonder, “What can I do with them?” Sue Fox & Julia McLeod’s quilts show you many ways to work these unusual materials into your own quilts. Silk & Salvage Quilts are inspired by classic quilt ‘recipes’ but with a few new ingredients added. Whether a quilt is made by just one of us, or together in collaboration, our work ranges from simple designs and piecing methods to quilts with more visual and technical complexity. We believe if we can do it, you can do it—come see how! (SilkAndSalvage.com).

Telling Stories – Alexandra Von Burg
Having always been attracted to illustration and fairy tales, Alexandra Von Burg uses her drawing and painting skills earned in art school to tell visual stories. She prefers the fantasy characters of fairy tales: mermaids, dragons, trolls, etc. because of their evocative nature for the viewer. Fabric, paint, pencil and thread all combine to create texture and interest to the image.

Words Fail – Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group
At times words fail us when we feel too shocked or overwhelmed by what we’ve seen or heard, that we cannot put our thoughts or feelings into words. Reasons for words failing us can be from seeing a newborn baby for the first time to pondering something we may feel powerless over. From beauty to horror, words often do fail us. The Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group is comprised of fiber and textile artists from the Central Coast of California. Members work with a variety of innovative techniques and materials to create art quilts and fiber art that transcend functional craft into the realm of fine art. 

20190506 092135 resized

Pictured: An exhibit of Fabric Postcards. From Works of Art presented by Barbara Lockwood.

Works of Art presented by Barbara Lockwood
View more than 300 delightful fabric postcards from the collection of local quilter Barbara Lockwood. She trades these miniature “Works of Art,” representing a great variety of techniques, styles, and themes with quilters and crafters from around the world. In the last four years, Barbara has made and exchanged over 400 of these fabric wonders!

The Yellow Line – Quilts on the Wall
“The Yellow Line”,  was a challenge issued to Quilts on the Wall members. Artists were asked to create a piece of artwork, 12” wide by 48” long, that contained a 1½” strip of yellow fabric entering and exiting the piece. What happens in the middle was up to the artist. The Yellow Line unifies the exhibit; each piece is hung to visually travel from one piece to another, while retaining each artist’s individual style and personal interpretation. Founded in 1998, Quilts on the Wall is an association of textile artists who seek to take traditional quilting into the realm of one-of-a-kind artwork which would be hung on the wall, as opposed to the traditional utilitarian bed quilt.