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Special Exhibitions

World Quilt Competition – On Tour
See the exciting international entries of the 2018 World Quilt Competition - On Tour along with ribbon winning entries from the United States. This outstanding collection of quilts highlights the skills of quilters from around the world: Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Sponsored by Gammill, Handi Quilter, Innova, and www.quiltfest.com / Mancuso Show Management, Inc.

2018 Applique Design Challenge Quilts
Sue Pelland Designs organized an Appliqué Design Challenge to encourage creativity while using Sue Pelland’s Rotary Cut Appliqué templates. The challenge was to create an original quilt design using appliqué elements that can be cut with Leaves Galore and/or Hearts and More templates. The finished quilt gave quilters space to create their own design made with Sue Pelland Designs tools. All designers started with a Kaffe Fassett Cameo panels. The oval center of the panel was required to stay intact.

Characters in Cloth – Maggie Dillon & Karol Kusmaul
Maggie Dillon - My work celebrates candid moments from images that have a photojournalistic quality that can engage the viewer to imagine the events taking place in the piece. These images tell a story that is simultaneously ordinary and meaningful.
Karol Kusmaul - I especially enjoy making collages that reflect my delight in pattern, contrast and variety, and I seem to gravitate toward people as subject matter. Many of my fabrics come from upcycled clothing.

Churn Dash  Gone to Pieces Quilters
An exhibit of the Gone to Pieces Quilters 2018 Challenge quilts, Churn Dash. The challenge resulted in a wide variety of quilts in many sizes and is very colorful!

Cool Classic Rides 3 – Textile Art by Teresa Shippy
Thrilled to be back for my 3rd “Cool Classic Rides,” this collection incorporates trains and planes in addition to a new variety of cool classics. The concept originated with the first exhibit which debuted in 2013. The 2016 collection of vintage rides (CCR2) included different makes and models and were larger pieces of work with unique embellishments. Each ride consists of approximately 15-25 pieces of fabrics which are stitched together on a hand painted cotton canvas background and enhanced by thread work. In addition, each ride is created using leftover fabrics from cut-up quilts, vintage ties and wool scraps. Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the latest rides.

Florida WILD and Wonderful – STARS
Florida WILD and Wonderful is an adventure like no other. Join the STARS art quilters on an uncharted expedition through Florida from our seas, lakes, and marshes to our steaming mangrove jungles and woods. Immerse yourself in our wide variety of animals like our alligators and panthers, and get lost in a sea of our exotic tropical flowers. Whatever you choose, enjoy your journey with us into the heart of Florida WILD and wonderful.

The Hoffman Challenge – Shine On!:  Quilts, Clothing & Accessories
The Hoffman Challenge hits The Big 3-0! To celebrate, Hoffman Fabrics designed Shine On!, a digital-print line bursting with diamonds to symbolize this special anniversary and to honor quilters and sewists. Challenge participants will put their creative and technical skills to the test, polishing their diamond-in-the-rough ideas to make sparkling projects – all under pressure!

Insects: Can’t Live With Them ~ Can’t Live Without Them  Out-of-the-Box art quilters
Insects make up well over half the lifeforms on Earth and live on all continents.  Most perform functions that support our circle of life such as pollinating our food plants, and as  food for other animals, and, sometimes for people.  Some perform functions that detract, such as eating plants, biting animals and humans, and spreading disease.   Some are ugly and some are beautiful.  Some are graceful flyers with angelic wings.  And some demonstrate that teamwork is important. Whatever your perspective of insects, they provided unique, interesting subjects for the Out-of-the-Box art quilters in Jupiter, Florida.

Joint Member Made Quilts Through the Years by Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida
A very young quilt guild that started in 2009, with an average of 60 members, makes and donates approximately 200 quilts a year. Each year we also make one guild quilt using theme donated blocks by our members. Here is a sampling of our guild collection.

Obscure Holidays
QID - Quilters Innovative Design
Oh, what a day. I will make it a holiday.” ~ Dr. Seuss
Everyone knows Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Flag Day, and of course Christmas, but have you heard of Weed Appreciation Day, or Hoodie Hoo Day? How about Naked Gardening Day? These holidays, and many others exist, but have long been neglected. So, in 2018, Quilters Innovative Design group decided to correct a blatant cultural mishap and challenged ourselves to create posters commemorating some long overlooked, somewhat bizarre and Obscure Holidays.

Old Glory Quilts  Curated by Mary Kerr
Old Glory was born when red white and blue vintage quilt tops were finished by longarm quilters who share a military connection. The quilters received the top, backing and the instructions, “quilt as desired.” They donated their time and talent. We chose to work with “forgotten” tops - the ones that were damaged, unfinished, ill made or unremarkable. These tops were not destined to be completed, enjoyed or treasured. What we now share is pure magic! The exhibit was created to promote the Quilts of Valor program. We choose to focus on our patriotic heritage and further serve the military family that we have been fortunate to be a part of. When they are done traveling, the quilts will be auctioned to raise funds for Quilts of Valor. Pictured: All Squared Up and Proudly Serving

Provence to Paris  The Dirty Dozen
The Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists founded in 2003 is a dynamic group of 12 fiber artists located in coastal Central Florida. The main criteria to become a member of the group is to show artistic courage. This is tested a little when we ask each new member to make a self-portrait. And, in fact, we have found this requirement to be a good way to help a potential member decide if our group is a good fit for her. This exhibit includes two photo challenges - Welcome to Provence and Parisian Flower Market - as well as a collection of the Dirty Dozens’ self-portraits.

SAQA Florida Roaming Gallery
Studio Art Quilt Associates is an international nonprofit whose goal is to promote fiber art and artists. SAQA provides education and professional development opportunities to its members, as well as sponsoring exhibitions worldwide. Florida members of SAQA have created this brand new collection of small Art quilts to travel and bring public awareness of what we do throughout our state. We hope you’ll enjoy our work and consider joining us in this excellent organization!

Sew Totally Solid  Tampa Modern Quilters Guild
One of the challenges for our Tampa Modern Quilters Guild is to select a theme for the year.  This past year we tackled solids! The challenge was members could use any design, any size, any piecing technique, and any threads or embellishments. Our quilters could work minimal or intricate, showing off their quilting style. Our single rule: the quilt must use solid fabric. What was produced was such a variety of methods, colors, design elements, and simply beautiful. Come see our quilts and fall in love with solids.

South Florida Modern Quilt Guild  southfloridamqg.com
South Florida Modern Quilt Guild was established in 2011 by a small group of quilters meeting in a Boca Raton quilt shop. Our interest is in modern quilting, which can include reinterpreting traditional ideas with modern fabrics, using modern design aesthetics like negative space and alternate grid work, improvisational work, and embracing simplicity and minimalism. Modern quilting, like all art, changes, grows and adapts from quilter to quilter as they find their own voice. In 2015, SFMQG formalized as a non-profit, enabling us to expand our work by offering educational workshops and lectures, and nurture and develop modern quilting in our communities. We are an active guild with members from Jupiter to Miami! SFMQG is proud to present a selection of quilts made by our members which we hope showcase some of the possibilities in modern quilting today.

Strip Tease IV  Palm Beach County Quilters Guild 
Our guild fell in love with this concept and decided we would do it one more time and done. Each participant donates one yard of fabric and each piece is cut into 14 strips. Once we have 14 yards  of fabric each participant receives 14  different strips in order to make a quilted item of their choosing. The item must be three layers, quilted and no bigger than a perimeter of 120 inches. This year we mistakenly decided to use only floral fabrics. When the strips were distributed there were audible groans. What do you do with 14 floral strips of odd colored cotton. Just wait and see!

Temperature's Rising  Quilts by Kat Campau
The climate of Earth is getting hotter, and Women are getting steamed up!   Both whimsical women and lovely tropical flowers place focus on critical issues of climate and social change. Aimed at making you smile while you think about your own ability to take positive steps for change. Kat Campau - Founder of Southern Textile Artists Revolution (STARs) - is a textile artist enjoying life in Florida. She's been making art quilts forever, and feels it's time to speak up about the role of women in America. Color shouts to her soul, and sometimes leaks out her eyes. This is reflected in her quilts.

Under the Sea – Mason Dixon Quilt Professional Network
Under the Sea depicts underwater fun, fish, skeletons, pollution, underwater vents and mythical creatures! Various close-up vignettes are pictured in 15 quilts. The quilt professionals who contributed to this exhibit include five quilt book authors with eleven books among them, two quilt shop/quilt business owners, 6 professional quilt teachers and three professional quilt judges. Several of our members have held various offices in national quilt organizations. Roughly a third of our members have partnerships with fabric manufactures, thread companies and notion companies.

Young Artivists: Quilts from the Social Justice Sewing Academy
The Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a youth education program that bridges textile expression with activism to advocate for social justice. Young Artivists: Quilts from the Social Justice Sewing Academy is the first exhibit to combine and display the collective work amassed over two years of relentless dedication that included over 80 workshops with over 100 young artivists, roughly 3,000 hours of embroidering from over 500 volunteers around the world. For the first time, twenty original Social Justice Sewing Academy community quilts and mini quilts will stand together as a powerful collection advocating for access to education; civil rights; and environmental, political and social justice for all.

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