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Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibits

2018 Applique Design Challenge Quilts
Sue Pelland Designs organized an Appliqué Design Challenge to encourage creativity while using Sue Pelland’s Rotary Cut Appliqué templates. The challenge was to create an original quilt design using appliqué elements that can be cut with Leaves Galore and/or Hearts and More templates. The finished quilt gave quilters space to create their own design made with Sue Pelland Designs tools. All designers started with a Kaffe Fassett Cameo panels. The oval center of the panel was required to stay intact.

CalendarChallenge2019 Calendar Quilt Challenge – Country Piecemakers
Marking time, celebrating seasons... The calendar can hearten or alarm us as it reveals the passage of time, build anticipation as we march toward a happy event or remind us of times gone by. Changing seasons, changing times... We’ve been challenged to create quilts to represent months of the year. Which month will inspire a quilt for you?

Applique Every Which Way – Baltimore Applique Society
In addition to traditional quilts made in the traditional Baltimore Album style, this exhibit also contains variations, from Broderie Perse to Hawaiian to way out fabrics.

Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild
Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education and community. This year's challenge was to randomly pull one of 6 modern quilt categories from a hat and interpret it any way we wanted: modern innovative piecing, negative space, modern traditionalism, minimalist design, improvisation or modern appliqué.

Commemorating Five Pivotal Events in 1619 –
Colonial Piecemakers Quilt Guild
1) The arrival of the first Africans in North America; 2) the recruitment of English women to marry Jamestown settlers; 3) the meeting of the first legislative assembly in North America; 4) the first Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation; and 5) the birth of American entrepreneurism.

Dreispitz, a Story of Immigration & Life during the Great Depression
T Carter tells the story of her family's immigration to the U.S. from Dreispitz, Russia. Dreispitz means three points; the village was nestled into a triangular bend in the Volga River. Her ancestors moved to Mountain Lake, Minnesota, also triangular-shaped. T explores genealogy and ancestry through documents, photographs, oral histories, and reminisces life during the Great Depression on the Minnesota prairie, circa 1901 - 1950. Her research reveals raw history, while celebrating a rich cultural heritage of hard work, survival, laughter and love.

Flying Geese Quilts – The American Samplers
Most of the American Samplers were Army spouses who quilted together in Germany. Returning Stateside, we maintained connection with an annual retreat at M-AQF. Members live across the country. At the 2018 retreat, 13 members exchanged Flying Geese blocks. Each quilter then selected a design and size, and determined how many Geese to use. Like Flying Geese, the American Samplers have migrated from Germany to the U.S., yet they flock together to enjoy their favorite hobby at M-AQF.

Fly Me to the Moon Apollo 6Fly Me to the Moon
Artists created art quilts celebrating Man’s First Walk on the Moon in this collection including quilts that commemorate iconic images from the news; recall personal memories of July 20, 1969; honor the Apollo Missions; recognize the Apollo Astronauts; investigate moon images; examine NASA’s tools; explain moon myths; define moon idioms; replay music inspired by the moon; visit pop culture icons; and make us fall in love again under the romantic moon. Fiber artists stretched their creative muscles to draw the viewer in to the world of science, romance, history and fantasy. Pictured: Apollo-6.

Follow Your Own Road – The QuiltWorkers of Virginia Beach
The QuiltWorkers drew out a road, and cut it up. Each member received one section of the road and to make. Individually, we each have a personal piece of a road going to our own destination, together we have a collaboration to admire and reflect on each member's personality and creativity, making a unique to our group Dirt Road.

Happy Memories – Tidewater Quilters Guild
The Tidewater Quilters Guild wants to share our Happy Memories with you. These quilts remind us of a pleasant experience such as trips, births, weddings, or vacations. It could also remind use of a person, place or thing which recall Happy Memories. We find that making and showing quilts also create their own Happy Memories from the labor, fellowship, and sharing. We hope you will enjoy our display.

PassportHave Passport, Will Travel –
Peninsula Piecemakers
This year our members grabbed their passports for the annual challenge. We asked them to travel outside of the USA. These quilts have an international flair. Some include a block with an international name while others use fabric printed with an international theme or fabric purchased in another country. Like luggage restrictions, quilt size was limited to no larger than 50" x 50".

The Hoffman Challenge – Shine On!
Hoffman Fabric Shine On

Can you believe it? With the 2018 Challenge, The Hoffman Challenge hit The Big 3-0! To celebrate, Hoffman Fabrics designed Shine On!, bursting with diamonds to symbolize this special anniversary. Challenge participants put their creative and technical skills to the test, polishing their diamond-in-the-rough ideas to make sparkling projects – all under pressure! Categories for this diamond anniversary challenge include quilts and clothing/accessories. All entries include the Challenge fabrics - Prism or Spectrum.

Honoring 19th Century Quilters – The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia
The Churn Dashers, organized in 2005, are a group who have a strong interest in 19th century quilt designs, textiles, women’s lives and the spirit of America. The Churn Dashers meet to exchange blocks made using 19th century reproduction fabrics with emphasis on the 1830-1880 period. Each exchange day is a planning session to decide the next block to be made with inspiration coming from antique quilts. Our standard: Always do your best work! Organized by Nancy Shrout and Nan Losee.

The Full Haykin 30 x 30

“If You Find These Quilts Difficult to Look at, I've Done My Job” - Quilts by David Sirota
I’ve long been fascinated by simple, two-color quilts. Sometimes they are illusion quilts and sometimes not. But to me they strip the art of quilt making down to its basic foundation. Have you ever seen "Project Runway"?  That's why I decided that using the same two colors would add cohesion. I hope you enjoy the quilts as much as I had fun making them.

Initial Challenge – Annapolis Quilt Guild

For this challenge, each quilter was to use their 3 initials to represent color, pattern or block, and quilting motif. All quilts measure 18" wide X 24" tall and quilters were encouraged to be creative with the guidelines. The result was beautiful work!

INTER+ – TAVA (Textile Artists of Virginia)
The Latin prefix INTER is a morpheme; it cannot be divided into smaller independent grammatical parts. It means “between, among, and together.” Affixing additional letters before or after INTER drastically changes the meaning. Textile Artists of Virginia (TAVA) meet n Southwest Virginia to support each member as a fiber artist, to explore the boundaries of the medium, and to educate and increase public awareness of fiber art.

Old Glory – Quilts of Valor
Old Glory was born when red white and blue vintage quilt tops were finished by longarm quilters who share a military connection. The quilters received the instructions, “quilt as desired.” We worked with “forgotten” tops - the ones not destined to be completed, enjoyed or treasured. What we now share is pure magic! The exhibit was created to promote the Quilts of Valor program. When they are done traveling, the quilts will be auctioned to raise funds for Quilts of Valor. Curated by Mary Kerr.

Once Around the Block & Name that Tune – Peninsula Modern Quilt Guild
In 2018, the Peninsula Modern Quilt Guild held two challenges. For Once Around the Block, members selected a single block to enlarge and play with scale. Name that Tune, was a chance to stretch our design skills. Members created a quilt based on a song title or lyrics from a song. There were no design parameters other than the use of modern or solid fabrics. Come take a walk around our block and see if you can name our tunes!

Our Bookshelves – First Thursday Bee
Quilters will read anything! We read about new tools and gadgets to make our quilting better and easier. We read maps to plot our road trips to new quilt shops. We read directions (sometimes) for our latest design. We read about the history of quilting. We read directions for mystery quilts. We read mystery stories involving quilts. We read recipes for pot luck for lock-in. What do your bookshelves say about you?

Promise of SpringThe Promise of Spring – River Country Quilters
We quilters have been stuck in the house all winter. Now it's time for the earth to spring forth new life! We are coming out of hibernation! Trees are budding, bulbs are sending shoots to break through the hard, frozen ground. It's spring! Birds, caterpillars, butterflies! Oh, my! Thank you, God, for The Promise of Spring!

QuiltedSaddleQuilted Art Saddles – Cathy Wiggins

Who says saddles have to be brown or black? Cathy Wiggins is creating unique, one of a kind art saddles with quilted leather. Using saddletrees and techniques used by traditional saddle makers, each themed saddle is constructed from quilted leather panels and embellishments to create works of art. Cathy’s work bridges the caps between quilting, saddle making, and art, opening up a new world of saddle design.

Quilters Treasure Challenge 2019
The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s 15th Annual Challenge are announced at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. The theme was "The Fabric is Black & Gray. What Makes it a Great Day!” and entrants were to use the challenge fabric “Black & Gray” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge included Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products, Annabella Quilting Studio & The Colonial Needle Company. Quilters Treasure 16th Challenge deadline is December 31, 2019. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.

Renew/Recycle Challenge –
First Unitarian Universalist QUUilters of Richmond
For our challenge, we selected Renew/Recycle, being mindful that reusing or repurposing goods is better than throwing them away. The challenge was met by the members of our group in a variety of ways. Some chose leftover fabrics or blocks saved from making other quilts: now these scraps are renewed. Some thought of the theme from the recycle point of view: how can this item, perhaps a bit of lace, a vintage quilt square, a drawer full of t-shirts, or a family keepsake be recycled for another use? The First UU Quuilters has 25-30 active quilters who make quilts for underprivileged children, local hospitals and social service agencies.

Serendipity – The Virginia Quilt Museum
The Virginia Quilt Museum serves to nourish and support the history and art of quilt making In Virginia. Serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, showcases the breadth and variety of quilt making styles in quilts from the Educational Collection.

Stripping in the National Parks – Artrageous Quilters
Stripping in the Natl ParksOur challenge was to create a strip-pieced partially stripped landscape celebrating the National Parks. We discussed artists’ approach to landscape quilting and stripped pieced landscapes, then investigated more on our own. Artrageous Quilters is based in eastern North Carolina, drawing quilters from over one hundred miles, and meets at Cotton Fields Quilt Shop in Washington, NC on the first Saturday of most months.

Summer in Loudoun County –
Sponsored by the Loudoun Breast Health Network

This exhibit is the work of professional quilters in Loudoun County (LOCO), Virginia. Depicting summertime in LOCO takes visitors from the Court Days of historic Leesburg, to the rural western part of the county full of four-legged pastoral scenes and aerial residents, to views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, fireworks at Franklin Park and finally to the local vineyards for some music and a glass of LOCO wine!

Those Far Away Places – Cabin Branch & Stonehouse Quilt Guilds
We’ve all done traveling in our time and experienced faraway places with strange-sounding names. Or maybe you haven’t ventured far from home, but the exotic keeps calling your name. Where have you been or want to go that fires your imagination? Was it a place in a book, a commercial for a cruise, or prompting from friends that got you going? Are you packing a parka or slipping into a swim suit? Are you diving into danger … or just under the covers? Show us where you’ve been or where you’d like to go – real or imaginary – and quilt a vision to take us along.

'Til the Cows Come Home – Richmond Quilters Guild
Did you know that there are over 800 breeds of cows? Cows are popular subject matter and play an important role in our daily lives either directly or indirectly. Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of milk and cookies or better yet, ice cream? Each member was challenged to create a quilt with a cow theme. The quilt can be a take on a “cow saying” or may depict a cow in some form or fashion. Many of us incorporated a bit of humor as we created what our imagination conjures up when we think of cows.

Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist
Many projects from yesteryear, left unfinished, are perfect additions to new quilts. This exhibit focuses on incorporating vintage textiles into a modern quilt aesthetic. Scraps of vintage blocks and unfinished tops have been recycled to create new innovative quilts, and get to be shared in a new way, serving as a bridge between the past and the future. This exhibit features Modern Quilts using different vintage textiles quilted by talented modern quilters. Enjoy! Curated by Mary Kerr.

Umbrellas – The Fabric Poets
Our Bee's challenge this year is Umbrellas defined as protection from sun, protection from rain, or protection from harm like an umbrella insurance policy, the umbrella of family love ... anything that provides an umbrella of protection. We also included in the challenge a piece of fabric from our dearly loved Shirley Nolan, who left us last year.

We Are Somebody "All About Us" - Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice Quilting Program
VADJCThe Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice's (DJJ) quilting program, believed to be the only quilting class in the country in a male juvenile corrections setting, teaches not just the hard skills involved in this difficult craft - planning, design, measuring, geometry, sewing - but also critical life skills such as goal-setting, patience, frustration management, public speaking, and the value of precision.  Instructor Roy Mitchell, Jr. instills the notion that "You Are Somebody" to all his students when they walk into his classroom. 

Winchester, Virginia – Winchester Modern Quilters
Eight quilters from professionals to confident beginners provided a ‘chunk’ of this unique quilt! The Winchester, Virginia quilt depicts downtown Winchester, founded in 1744 at the site of a Shawnee Indian camp ground. The City of Winchester is the oldest city in Virginia west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is located at the northern entrance of the Shenandoah Valley. The City has a population of approximately 26,000 residents.

Instructors Row
This exhibition will give a sampling of the work of some of this year’s instructors at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. It is a great way to enjoy the broad range of talent and creativity among the instructors at the Festival.